Wedding Day Essentials Package

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Wedding Day Essentials Package

Our Wedding Day Essentials Set consists of: 

  • Bed-setting set (with Guide) -  To wish you and your partner an everlasting love, good health and happiness with many children.
  • Abacus - To bless you and your partner with abundance and wealth.
  • Ancient coins - To bless you and your partner with prosperity all around you two.
  • Ru Yi -  To bless you and your partner with abundance and to prosper in your careers.
  • Bian Bo - To bless you and your partner with many offspring.
  • Five-Grains set -  To bless you and your partner a good harvest on wealth and luck.
  • Kneeling cushions -  For Tea Ceremony, to show filial piety and for a prosperous life.
  • Wedding umbrella / fan -  For a good shelter for the rest of your life.

This set is a basic set of essentials needed for the Wedding Day that covers your Bed-setting ceremony and the accessories needed for your Tea Ceremony. Do send in your enquiry via Contact Us for us to further advise you OR click on the WhatsApp icon on the side of the page to WhatsApp us directly. 



  • 安床盘(包括说明书)
  • 算盘 – 有钱算,天天算
  • 铜钱 – 富贵在眼前
  • 如意 – 升官发财
  • 扁柏 – 开枝散叶
  • 五谷配套 – 五谷丰收
  • 双喜跪枕 – 富贵命
  • 百年好合雨伞 / 扇子

这是一套基本的正婚日配套,会帮新人们和双家安排好安床的需要,以及增添结婚那天所会用到的物件。如果您需要更多的详情,请到 Contact Us 留下您的联络方式和问题 在你的荧幕右下方点击WhatsApp的按钮直接WhatsApp我们,我们会尽快回复。


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