Auspicious Wedding Grains

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Auspicious Wedding Grains

  • $39.80
  • Consists red dates 早生贵子, dried longans 圆圆满满, wintermelon strips 白头到老, lotus seeds 连连生子, lily bulbs 百年好合 and rock sugar 甜甜蜜蜜.
  • Typically 2 sets are prepared by the Groom's family; both are brought over to the Bride's place during Guo Da Li, where the Bride's family will accept 1 set and return the other, to symbolise 回礼, showing a good relationship between both families.
  • Suitable for the tea used during Tea Ceremony, and the soup base for glutinous rice balls (tang yuan).
  • Available in 1 set or 2 sets. Kindly choose your preferred option.
  • 2 sets are included in all our Betrothal Packages

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