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Returning to the bride’s home (回门)

Returning to the bride’s home (回门)

After the tea ceremony at the groom’s house, the bride will change into a new gown before returning to her parent’s home. This change of attire is to symbolise the passing of 3 days (三朝回门).

For Hokkiens and Teochews, the bride’s younger brother will invite his sister home by carrying a wedding basket with powder, baby oil, chun 春flower and ji 吉 flower. This is to show the bride’s parents love for their daughter and wanting to see her back home more often after she’s married. The bride will keep the items brought by her younger brother, put a fa gao 发糕 and 2 oranges into the same basket and return home as a married woman.

For Cantonese, Hakka and Hainanese, the groom’s family will prepare a whole roast pig 烧猪 to present to the bride’s family when the newlyweds return to the bride’s home. The bride’s family will then cut out and keep the middle portion, and return the head and rear of the roast pig to the groom’s family 有头有尾, together with an even number of oranges filling up the middle cut portion, and a pair of trousers for the groom, signifying wealth and prosperity 大富大贵 for him.

A similar tea ceremony will be held in the bride’s home for the groom to be formally introduced to and accepted into the bride’s family. Later that evening, the newlyweds will throw a wedding banquet to thank their family and relatives, and officially announce to their friends that they are married!