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Customary Wedding Process

Customary Wedding Process

Chinese Customary Wedding

by The Chinese Wedding Shop

A Step by Step Guide to our Traditions in Today’s Modern Times

The Chinese Wedding Shop is a socially responsible company dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional Chinese wedding customs. A brand trusted by many over the years, The Chinese Wedding Shop offers a plethora of delicate wedding-related items, catering to the various Chinese dialect groups in Singapore. We also provide advice to newly engaged couples on the most appropriate Chinese wedding procedures to carry out, which are still relevant today.

We do not sell our products indiscriminately as we believe in providing only those compatible to a couple’s dialect(s) so that each unique set of tradition would subsist. We sell products of the highest quality, befitting the special occasion that will celebrate a couple’s union as life partners while embodying our best wishes for them.

We are very passionate about our Chinese wedding traditions, and feel that it is our responsibility to ensure that these customs subsist and flourish. We are here to assist couples in discovering, appreciating and passing on these traditions to future generations.

In recent years, we are very honoured to be featured on TV in Channel 8 大小拍档 (2013) and 118 要要发 (2015), Channel U 哪里出问题 (2013) and Channel 5 "On The Red Dot" (2016), on Radio 883FM 与美香同行 (2015), and we are a proud Winner of "Preferred Wedding Essentials" by Blissful Brides Magazine (2016).

In this guide, you will find a brief explanation of the various steps of a Chinese Customary Wedding, in tune with today’s modern times. Compared to the traditional 三书六礼, practices today are simpler and more fuss-free, focusing on convenience while still preserving the well-wishes and best intentions from the parents to the couple.

Most of today’s Chinese Weddings in Singapore start with the Betrothal Day (过大礼), followed by Bed Setting (安床), Hair-combing (上头) and the highly anticipated Wedding Day (大喜之日) - which comprise of Setting Off (出门), Fetching The Bride (接新娘), Tea Ceremony (敬茶), Returning to the Bride’s Home (回门)…

Do feel free to contact us at any of our outlets if you have any questions. We will be happy to assist further.

The information provided herewith represents a general guide to our Chinese Customary Weddings in Singapore and is prepared according to the best of our knowledge. There are many different Chinese customary practices, and they vary slightly from family to family. The information provided herewith represents the most common practices done among families today, and does not represent the full Chinese customs that is known to exist.