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Fetching the bride (接新娘)

Fetching the bride (接新娘)

Upon reaching the bride’s house, car horns will be sounded to signal the arrival of the groom. The bride’s younger brother will come forward with 2 oranges to open the car door for the groom. A 开车门 red packet will be given to him for welcoming the groom.

Next will be the famous gate-crashing when the groom and his entourage of brothers (兄弟) will be met and challenged by a group of bridesmaids (姐妹) who will test the former’s sincerity and love for the bride with some creative wedding games. This also represents the bride family’s reluctance to marry her off as she is a beloved family member.

Upon successful completion of the trails, the groom gets to meet the bride and unveil her, followed with a kiss. The groom and the bride will need to bow three times to the bride’s parents before leaving for groom’s house. The bride’s father will escort his daughter to the bridal car using a red umbrella, symbolizing a good shelter for the rest of her life.