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Entering the groom’s house (过门)

Entering the groom’s house (过门)

Upon arrival of the couple, the groom’s family members will need to go into the rooms as the couple enters the house. Traditionally this is done to prevent direct clashes between the bride and the groom’s family. They will re-enter the living room after the couple goes into a room. The couple will come out and the tea ceremony will commence.

One interesting thing to note is that the couple do not remove their shoes upon entering each other’s house that day. On their wedding day, the bride and groom wears shoes at all times to ensure a prosperous life after marriage 富贵命.


新婚夫妇抵达新郎家时,新郎的家人必须进入房内。旧时,这是为了避免新娘与新郎家人产生任何直接冲突。夫妇俩进房间后,他们才得以返回客厅。接着夫妇从房间出来,进行敬茶仪式。 在结婚那天,新郎和新娘进入家里时,都不需要拖鞋。他们的鞋一整天都穿着,脚底不直接着地,垫起来,代表着以后会过这富裕的生活,有富贵命。