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Dowry 嫁妆

Dowry 嫁妆


Dowry, Jia Zhuang 嫁妆, is usually bestowed by the bride’s family to bless the couple, and it represents the best blessings that the parents have for their daughter. Items usually consist of daily necessities which are vital to starting a new home, which includes a sewing kit and a baby prosperity set, which symbolize the good virtues of the bride (内外兼备) and that she is ready to take up the role of a married woman (贤妻良母).

A tea-set and a bowl-set are also given to the couple, which will be first used at the groom’s house on the wedding day during the tea ceremony and to eat traditional rice balls, tang yuan (圆圆满满), and later kept by the couple, representing filial piety 尽孝心 and abundance (丰衣足食).

Traditionally, wooden clogs 木屐 worn by the couple on the night before the wedding are a must, representing progress in life (步步高升). Nowadays, these are given in miniatures for display and for their good meanings. The couple wears bedroom slippers for prosperity instead.

Towels representing growing old together (白头到老), and a pair of lamps子孙灯for continuing the line of descendants (延续香火) are also included. All these dowry items should be brought to the Groom’s family and displayed inside the couple’s bridal room 新房 during the wedding day for the auspicious meanings, hence the couple will lead a comfortable and prosperous life.

New bedsheets are also included, to be used in the bridal room during bed-setting 安床. This will welcome the bride and groom into their new bridal room 新房 as a newlywed, with the beginnings of a sweet and loving life together 幸福美满.

嫁妆,是新娘家人准备给新婚夫妇的,品目包括针线盒和婴儿繁荣套。这象征了新娘良好的美德也代表她能够承担已婚妇女的责任。茶套和碗套是送给新婚夫妇婚礼当天在新郎家用的。婚礼后新婚夫妇会把物品收起来,代表孝顺和富裕。 旧时,新婚夫妇一定要在婚礼前晚穿木屐,代表步步高升。现在,小型的木屐是用来做装饰品,代表喜庆,而新婚夫妇穿卧室拖鞋则代表富贵。用新婚毛巾代表白头到老,一对子孙灯则代表传宗接代。嫁妆事先要送到新郎家去,在婚礼当天展示在新婚夫妇的卧室里。