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Bed Setting 安床

Bed Setting 安床


Bed-setting, An Chuang 安床, is an essential tradition in Chinese weddings. An auspicious day, usually the start of the wedding day itself at around midnight (11pm on the eve of the wedding), is selected to do the bed-setting.

In the olden days, an elderly couple who is living a good life (好名人), in a loving marriage with children of their own (膝下有子), will be invited to set the bed for the couple. In recent years, most couples agree that the Groom’s parents are the best 好名人 as their son (the groom) is getting married and starting a family soon. Thus the Groom’s parents will set the bed for them, wishing them everlasting love, good health and a happy family blessed with healthy children.

Traditionally, new bridal bedsheets in auspicious red colour, with embroidered dragon and phoenix motifs are to be used. Nowadays, modern bedsheets with happy cute wedding couples on them are preferred, and pink is widely used as well.

A bed setting plate, usually consisting of red dates, lily bulbs, lotus seeds, peanuts, dried longan, red beans, etc is placed on the bed, making the bed “overflowing” with blessings. For instance, lily bulbs (百 合) stand for an everlasting, harmonious marriage (百年好合). The bed is then to be left untouched till the wedding day, when the couple comes home for the tea ceremony, and after which a boy (童子) will be asked to roll on the bridal bed (翻床)to symbolize fertility, and the conceiving of boy.


安床必备的用品有新的龙凤被和床单,子孙灯和安床盘。现今比较新潮的父母也会准备可爱的情侣床单给新人,不一定要用传统的龙凤被。安床盘里通常会有红枣、百合、莲子、花生(早生贵子)、龙眼干、红豆 (富贵)等等。结婚当天,可以请一个童子上床来翻床(跳床),代表着多子多孙、添男丁的意思。