Customary Wedding Process

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Customary Wedding Process

Customary Wedding Process

Betrothal 过大礼

Guo Da Li 过大礼, traditionally also known as ‘Na Cai 纳采', is the formality performed by the Groom, showing his sincerity to the Bride's family in marrying the Bride.


The Betrothal Day is usually done two to three weeks before the actual wedding day, where a senior relative, matchmaker or a good friend will accompany the Groom to present the Dowry Money 'Pin Jin 聘金', and the pre-discussed gifts to the Bride's family. 


The pre-discussed gifts typically include specific gold jewellery and auspicious food items such as oranges, wedding cakes, a pair of alcohol, traditional biscuits and candy, and grains. In Singapore, due to our diverse roots from different dialect groups, the food items differ according to dialect groups.


The food items will be prepared in pairs (成双成对), and are carried over to the Bride's place in traditional tiered wedding baskets, with the more tiers the better, representing more and more prosperity for the couple in the future. After receiving the gifts, the Bride’s family will return a portion of the dowry money and food items, as a gesture of goodwill and to share the good fortune between the two families.