ZP1 Baby Prosperity Set (Yuan Yang)

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ZP1 Baby Prosperity Set (Yuan Yang)

  • $42.80
  • To be included in the Bride’s dowry to bless the newlyweds with children and wealth assets.
  • The basin, bathtub, mug and potty which all have the design of a pair of 鸳鸯 (mandarin ducks), a classic symbol of love and affection. 
  • Also includes a ruler, red dates 红枣, dried longan 挂圆, grains 五谷, seeds 种子, which bless the couple with healthy and successful children in future (早生贵子,孩子长大聪明伶俐,不愁吃不愁穿).
  • Wrapped in a beautiful translucent organza bag with golden prints of Double Happiness. 
  • Dowry Package option.

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